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The GEO DOLL is a super cute, doll-shaped necklace that is modern yet playful, with an adorable face and black bob on a round bead, a brush stroke style striped pattern on a geometric bead "torso", and a solid painted geometric bead "bottom", with sweet little string legs hanging out. The necklace is accented with three small round beads with a knot at the top for safety reasons (your little one won't be able to pull the beads up too close to her/his chin!). 

Strings are cut from recycled t-shirts (most are thrifted and washed in natural detergent), and are soft, tuggable and make the necklace lightweight and comfortable to wear. The doll necklaces are strung so that they do not tie at the back, but are easily pulled over a child's head. Comes packaged in a lovely reusable cotton bag.

  • Handmade item
  • Materials: acryclic paint, unfinished wooden beads, recycled cotton fabric, nontoxic sealer, cotton, natural wood beads
** For safety, recommended age is 3+. Children should always be supervised when wearing necklaces, and should never wear them when sleeping. This necklace is water resistant, but not waterproof. Not a teething necklace. **